Daniel Rosenrauch

As current CEO & Co-Founder of Viirtue, Daniel brings with him 15 years of telecom & SaaS experience. As visionary of Viirtue, he works with other officers and stakeholders to communicate that vision and ensure product delivery execution. He is also tasked with understanding our service provider problems, and working with the team to solve these challenges with workflow automation that is intuitive and possesses a high degree of self service functionality.
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4 Best Features In Netsapiens v42

12/28/21 1:04 PM / by Daniel Rosenrauch posted in CPaaS, netsapiens, white label voip, voip reseller


Now that v42 is being pushed to production in our environments.  We figured it would be a great time to review the best features coming in the new version.  Our customers should be excited about all of the new features in Netsapiens' new version, here are the key features that stand out.
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3 Things To Ask When Choosing The Best White Label Voip Provider

12/28/21 1:02 PM / by Daniel Rosenrauch posted in telecommunications, microsoft teams, collaboration, IT provider, unified communications, CPaaS, call tracking, white label voip


Viirtue purpose built their reseller ecosystem because their founders know the needs and requirements of a small to medium sized Cloud Service Provider (CSP).  From being in the perspective of a voip reseller, these 3 requirements were our biggest when we searched for a reseller platform and decided to build our own.  
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