Why Billing Fax To Email Per Page Is A Winning Model For Resellers

2/5/22 3:13 PM / by Daniel Rosenrauch

Cloud providers need to be able to bring everything to the table in order to compete and win.  In today's landscape, the best value a service provider can bring is consolidating all technology onto one invoice.  Fax to email is one of the easiest up-sells you can introduce.  Fax usage has surprisingly not gone anywhere.  Most likely due to the industries that still require it for compliance such as HIPPA and accounting.  That is why offering a compliant solution under your own brand and billing with a per page model may be the MRR "mix-up" you've been looking for.


1. It makes the up front price look more attractive.  

Everyone prefers paying $10 instead of $25 right?  By positioning your entry price lower than competitors like RingCentral, Vonage, and others, you are able to at least get the conversation started.  


2.  It allows you to cap costs and not suffer from overages.

Most fax reseller programs do not have a way to cap and rate costs.  This is why many charge an unlimited price, because they simply have no scalable way of tracking and billing for it.  This can cause you to lose big $$$ on fax accounts that use the service frequently.   With Viirtue's ViiBE, you can automatically rate fax usage in 4 different customizable ways.  This way you can bill your customers accurately and most importantly ensure you are making your profit margins.


3.  With clients that do not use fax often, it allows them to only pay for what they use - and gives them peace of mind they are getting the best deal.

Let's face it, paying for only what we use is great.  Don't you wish that you didn't have to pay for that 1/4 of a steak you couldn't finish last date night?  That would be pretty awesome.


Viirtue's fax to email reseller platform is second to none.  It provides an industry leading fax to email software that you can brand and resell at incredible margins, and enables you to configure automatically rated fax plans that you can bill to your customer under your own brand.  Give it a no obligation test drive today, completely free for 30 days.  What are you waiting for?


To learn more about Viirtue's white label fax to email program, click here.


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Viirtue is a leading Cloud Service Provider reseller software.  Viirtue's ViiBE platform enables CSPs, MSPs, ITSPs, Telcos, and VARs to Quote, Provision, Bill, and Tax their customers for VoIP,  Contact Center, Web Collaboration, Fax to Email, and other services.


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