3 Things To Ask When Choosing The Best White Label Voip Provider

12/28/21 1:02 PM / by Daniel Rosenrauch

Viirtue purpose built their reseller ecosystem because their founders know the needs and requirements of a small to medium sized Cloud Service Provider (CSP).  From being in the perspective of a voip reseller, these 3 requirements were our biggest when we searched for a reseller platform and decided to build our own.  
 1. The platform must offer control, and have an intuitive, modern design.
When we originally set out to search for a platform, the design was actually at the top of our list.  We know what it takes to sell a software, especially when competing against major players.  It has to look and feel awesome.  Also, our team as well as our customers needed to have utmost self-service control.  Something that is core to our philosophy here at Viirtue.
 2.  All business operations within a single pane of glass or easily integrated

No matter how much we searched everything was disparate systems that we need to contract with 6-10 vendors to build our technology stack.  Billing - do that here, quoting - that will redirect you here,  need to order numbers - send an email here, need to port numbers - sign the documents here then upload here.  Always a confusing workflow that did not feel scalable.
 3. Network architecture & status communication

Coming from a platform with shotty uptime scarred us very badly here.  We searched to no avail for a platform that met all the requirements we had.  CloudFlare? Scalable elastic architectures? Active-Active geographically diverse nodes?  State of the art servers?  One place you cannot cheap it is communications.  We live and die by our uptime, so we wanted to ensure we had the best chance to succeed.  Additionally, we often felt left in the dark during service impairments.  Service impairments happen, look at amazon, so we get it.  As VoIP service providers and MSPs, we need to be able to properly communicate what is happening and an ETR (estimated time of repair) to our customers.When we could not meet all of these requirements with another vendor, we decided to build ViiBE - Viirtue's voip reseller platform.
 What are your biggest requirements when searching for a white label VoIP vendor?
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About Viirtue
Viirtue is a leading Cloud Service Provider reseller software.  Viirtue's ViiBE platform enables CSPs, MSPs, ITSPs, Telcos, and VARs to Quote, Provision, Bill, and Tax their customers for VoIP,  Contact Center, Web Collaboration, Fax to Email, and other services.

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