4 Best Features In Netsapiens v42

12/28/21 1:04 PM / by Daniel Rosenrauch

Now that v42 is being pushed to production in our environments.  We figured it would be a great time to review the best features coming in the new version.  Our customers should be excited about all of the new features in Netsapiens' new version, here are the key features that stand out.

1. Cradle to grave reporting

This feature is such a big win for call center supervisors and admins.  This feature enables non-technical users to piece together a conversation from start to finish.  Transfers, parks, and more are all documented and viewable within the intuitive UI (user interface)
 2. Portal UI Configs

This was much needed.  Now resellers really do not even need to access the nms any longer.  All UI configs can be managed via the standard portal.  Things like branding, permissions & access, and more are now easily configured through the branded manager portal.
 3. Enhanced e911

Netsapiens engineering team clearly worked hard towards not only meeting but surpassing all the requirements of Kari's law and Ray Baum's act.  The new features with e911 are intuitive and provide several best practice measures to track and automatically action against users locations.  The new feature to prompt a WebPhone user if their IP address changes to update their location is a great feature that can help service providers and voip resellers scale.
 4. Contact Center For WebPhone

Another much needed feature.  One of the fundamental pieces of Viirtue's ViiBE software is moving towards single pane of glass management.  It's encouraging to see that netsapiens is heading in that same direction.  With adding the ability for users to change status and utilize the other contact center features instead of having two tabs open - We expect to see more adoption of the call center feature than ever.  More intuitive static call park integration is an added bonus.
What are your favorite v42 features?
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