4 Requirements To Becoming A Cloud PBX Reseller

8/30/22 2:16 PM / by Viirtue

1. Register with the FCC to file and remit communications taxes

The first step to becoming a VoIP reseller is to register with the FCC.  All registered VoIP vendors are located within the FCC's 499 Filer database.  Viirtue makes this step easy for partners by not only providing relationships to manage and automate the filing and remittance, but by providing the reporting and self-service tools to charge your customers the appropriate taxes as well as the proper format to make remittance simple.

2. Find a platform to resell

Next you'll need to find a platform.  There are two ways to go about this - you can invest hundreds of thousands (if not millions) into building a carrier grade network, or you can leverage a wholesale provider like Viirtue that has done all the heavy lifting, and enables you to brand (white label) the platform as your own.  You will want to make sure their network is in fact carrier grade with sophisticated DDoS mitigation and latest and greatest hardware.  Furthermore, you will want to ensure the product(s) your wholesaler provides are able to solve the problems of your clients.  The most popular platforms are netsapiens, freeswitch, & broadsoft - so ensuring your wholesaler has one (or more) of those back ends is a great first step.

3. Find a platform that integrates or falls in line with your workflows 

Most of the industry leading wholesale voip/ucaas/ccaas providers will position you with a business operations platform that helps manage your customers from quote to cash.  More importantly, that vendor needs to acknowledge that your business uses other state of the art softwares such as Quickbooks or Connectwise that you need integrated.  Also ask detailed questions regarding the integrations to ensure they provide value rather than simply checking a box.   Finally, is the platform their code or are they simply repurposing other generic softwares?  As basic as it sounds, sometimes its overlooked that your feedback will not be as valued since you are dealing with third parties that weren't designed to solve your specific problems/needs when deploying the specific wholesaler you're working with.

4. Understand what compliance standards have to be met with your vertical focus

Are you a managed service provider (MSP) that focuses on the healthcare vertical?  Maybe you work heavily with call centers that take payment information over the phone?  Accounting firms that have specific needs for faxing the IRS? Many verticals have specific compliance standards that are governed by HIPPA, PCI, and more.  Partnering with a distributor that understands these different needs can help you solve niche problems and position you to win business by earning the trust of your client who realizes you not only understand their needs, but can help them sail through those waters.






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