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Benefits of Becoming a White Label VoIP Partner

6/2/20 8:15 AM / by Viirtue

Are you ready to brand your business as more than a small team of IT professionals? With a white label VoIP or video service, you can offer one of the top-requested products for your customers without hiring new team members and building the platform yourself.

How Does White Label VoIP Work?

White Label VoIP gives you the opportunity to grow your business without the team and resources to build out an entire VoIP network yourself. As an IT professional, you partner with a reliable and trustworthy VoIP or Unified Communication service, then sell it as your own product. The customer never sees anything other than your brand and goes through you for all their communication needs.

Fully Re-Branded

With white label services, you rebrand all the customer touch points – from invoices to application – so there’s no sign of the company behind it. Viirtue may be a great brand, but we love to support IT professionals by letting them put their name on the excellent service we provide.

Keep Your Customer Data

Since you’re selling this as your own product, you control the pricing and never need to hand over client details to the service provider. You easily manage the client details through one streamlined communications service, keeping all the information under one roof. If you try to outsource each component of a communications platform individually, you’re managing information in many different places, ultimately adding more work to your plate. 

Easy to Scale Your Business

The main reason businesses choose to work with a white label VoIP partner is the ease of scaling your small team. You can offer a massive service to your clients without buying more equipment or hiring specialists in the field. At Viirtue, we’ve already built a great product, so you can take our work and call it your own to grow your business.

Compete with Larger IT Businesses

Your clients may love working with you, but you don’t want them to choose a larger IT company when it’s time to scale their own business. By partnering with Viirtue, you have the tools you need to compete with bigger businesses, even while maintaining your same staff size.

Streamlined Billing

Phone bills are extremely complicated between all the taxes, minutes, or levels of service. Using a White Label service streamlines that all into one bill, making it easy to invoice your clients and get paid quickly. ViiBE, the Viirtue Billing Engine, revolutionizes the process with tools for quoting, account management, billing, and even automation elements. We want it to be easy for you to succeed as you scale and grow.

Your Responsibilities

Once you have a white label service in place, you’re just responsible for making the sale and being the initial line of communication for the client. We also offer Help Desk as a Service (HDaaS) in order to better support you and your clients.

Ready to sign up as a White Label partner? Or need more information before making a decision? Give us a call or send an email today. You’ll get to experience our customer service for yourself, and then recommend our unparalleled product to your clients as your own.

If you are still starting out in your IT business, you can also partner with us as a reseller to earn top commissions in the industry without the responsibility of white label.