Call Tracking: Benefits for Every Industry

6/3/21 5:10 PM / by Viirtue

The Viirtue platform offers call tracking, which means your clients don’t need to work with several different software tools to get the best results.

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking helps businesses learn how customers discovered the company. Typically, the company will use a different phone number on each piece of marketing -- mailers, Facebook ads, Google, or their website – to learn where the person called from. This tracking helps your clients measure the effectiveness of marketing or sales efforts.

Why is it important for your clients?

As the IT and communication tools expert, you can suggest this add-on service and demonstrate the benefits to your clients. If you’re a marketing agency, you might be interested in the call tracking package for your own client analytics.

With call tracking, businesses in any industry can identify the lead source for every call. Medical offices may want to use different numbers for an insurance directory than a google page, helping them determine how many people search by type of doctor before calling or search their insurance carrier.

Restaurants and service providers may put different phone numbers on each menu or mailer they send out to know which one convinced the reader to call.

When a business knows where their calls are coming from, they know where to spend their marketing dollars. Help your clients discover where they’re getting a return on investment by offering to add a call tracking package.

Learn What Customers Need

Clients can also set different phone numbers for specific keyword search results to learn exactly which service buyers look for the most often. Maybe a restaurant receives many take-out lunch orders, but the search that leads to the call is “coffee near me.”

Home service providers can have separate blog posts answering frequently asked questions with specific phone numbers on each post to learn which question results in the most calls.

More data just leads to better service for the end-user, so you can help your own clients learn how to serve their customers better.

Personalize Follow-Up Campaigns

Call tracking also integrates with Facebook to create retargeting and lookalike campaigns for custom follow-up automatically. Facebook retargeting is especially effective because it keeps the business top-of-mind with newsfeed and sidebar ads only for those people who have already called (or engaged with any content). Lookalike campaigns use your database of email addresses and phone numbers to find new customers with similar interests and characteristics to current customers.

Facebook ads also cross over to Instagram, so your clients can meet their customers where they spend the most time.

Integrate call tracking with Google Analytics

Your clients can get the most out of their websites with the google analytics integration for call tracking. Any inbound calls, texts, or form entries from the landing page phone number sync up to their analytics dashboard, so they have clear insight to page effectiveness.

Ready to add this service?

Call tracking gives traditional advertising like mailers and billboards the benefits of digital advertising with new data for each phone call. After demonstrating all the benefits, your clients should be ready to add this service to their existing package.

Viirtue has everything you need for call tracking and white label unified communications. Keep showing your clients that you have their best interests at heart by offering products that meet their needs and grow their businesses!

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