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How Even Small Businesses Benefit from Unified Communication

8/3/20 7:30 AM / by Viirtue

Your clients may think they only need an IT person to set up their server, printer network, or WiFi extenders. But as the expert, you know they need communication tools to help their businesses grow. If you’re reselling a unified communications or VoIP package that would work well for a small business, these benefits should convince them to add on the service.

Never Miss a Call

Due to COVID-19 and the demand for takeout, many restaurants realized their phone systems weren’t meeting the call volume. A landline that keeps ringing or gives a busy signal actively loses business because customers think the restaurant is closed or too busy to take an order.

Even a straightforward phone system can ensure your phone number rings on multiple devices, so buyers always get through to someone to take their order.

Keep Working at Home

Small offices adjusted to the work-at-home mandates by patching together various free chat and video services, sending employees home with desktop computers, and accessing slow VPN networks from home WiFi networks.

While you may be able to offer faster remote desktop and VPN options, a unified communications platform eliminates all other apps and puts everything in a centralized location. 

With a tool like Windows Teams, coworkers can chat or video call within the same app and even collaborate on files just like they would at the office. With cloud storage instead of a server, their files are accessible anywhere they have their laptop.

Employees use the same app to receive calls from their desk phone number, so they don’t miss a beat when clients call.

Call Center Tools

If you’re convincing a very small business to transition from one landline to a VoIP system, a “call center” may seem extreme and unnecessary.

But the “new normal” has changed the communication style for customers and callers: now, they’re always calling ahead to order a meal or to schedule a service. While a team may have had one receptionist before, the increase in call volume may make more employees into customer service representatives. With call center tools and reporting, small business owners can see who has been on a call for too long and what time the majority of their calls come in.

Flexibility of Features

One of the benefits of reselling or white labeling Viirtue to your clients is the flexibility in features. Small businesses may not need all the call center tools available or texting features, so adding or removing elements builds the best package for their specific needs. Then, if their business grows in another year, they have the option to add those tools without buying an additional software service.

Streamline Service with UCaaS

Become the IT expert small businesses can trust by finding ways for their business to work better – beyond what they already know they need. As a Viirtue reseller, you can offer a product with a great reputation to solve multiple problems at one time. As these small businesses have been forced to adapt quickly, help them meet demands and thrive in a changing communications landscape.

With streamlined communication services, every small business can find new productivity for their team while growing their customer service and sales. Partner with Viirtue to learn more about offering this option to your clients. 

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