How MSPs Can Sell Branded Web Faxing in 2023

How MSPs Can Sell Branded Web Faxing in 2023

2/10/23 11:25 AM / by Viirtue

Incredibly enough, fax still has significant market share. In fact, it is estimated to grow to a more than $3 billion dollar market cap by 2027.  You may not think it will be your biggest revenue driver, but after taking a deeper dive you may re-evaluate how you position your white label web fax offering.

What is fax to email?

Fax to email is a service that allows users to receive faxes as email attachments, instead of on a physical fax machine. This service converts incoming faxes into a digital format, such as a PDF, and then sends them to a designated email address. This can simplify the process of receiving and managing faxes, as well as reduce the need for physical fax machines and associated costs.


What problems does digital fax solve for businesses in 2023?

  • Convenience: Digital faxing enables users to receive and send faxes from anywhere with an internet connection, making it more flexible and convenient.

  • Improved efficiency: Digital faxing eliminates the need to wait by the fax machine for a transmission to complete, freeing up time for other tasks.

  • Enhanced security: Digital faxing often includes secure transmission protocols and encrypted storage of fax documents, providing a higher level of security for sensitive information.  Specifically, medical facilities use fax to maintain HIPPA compliance.

  • Cost savings: By reducing or eliminating the need for physical fax machines, ink, paper, and other related expenses, digital faxing can result in significant cost savings.

  • Improved document management: Digital faxing enables users to easily store, search, and retrieve faxes as digital files, improving document management and organization.


How do I sell white label fax to email to my customers?


To sell a fax-to-email solution, you will need to account for a few steps.

Find a vendor that offers the solution(s) you are looking for.  Simple enough, right?  There are various vendors (including Viirtue) that sell a wholesale solution.  First, you will want to ensure you are able to make good margins and the platform itself meets the needs of your clients.  HIPPA Compliant?  Intuitive web UI?  Fax adapters that use anything but the much despised t.38 protocol?  These are all important questions to ask as you search.  

Understand why fax is still so prevalent and what problems it solves.

Fax is a secure way to transmit sensitive information, as it is difficult to intercept a fax transmission. This could be particularly useful in industries where the security of data is of high importance, such as healthcare or finance.

Ensure the solution integrates with a platform that can rate the usage and bill your customers for it.  Nearly all of the major white label e-fax vendors charge you by the page for your customer’s usage.   Because of this, it is imperative that you have the ability to do the same.  

Ensure the billing integration has tax automation and compliance features.  Unfortunately some manual math at the end of the month into quickbooks online is not the solve here.  Not only do you have to calculate the usage, but fax is still an FCC regulated service.  This means you must collect and remit the appropriate taxes and fees to sell it.  Fortunately ViiBE and other platforms automate these processes for you.


It's worth noting that fax is generally not as commonly used as it once was, as other technologies such as email and electronic document management systems have become more widespread. However, fax may still have benefits in certain situations and has proven it is not going anywhere soon.  


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