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How UCaaS & VoIP Promote the Growth of Telehealth

2/8/21 7:00 AM / by Viirtue

One of the growing networks for VoIP and Unified Communications is Telehealth. Many managed IT service providers look to grow their business by working with medical offices in their area. While security is usually the top concern for these clients, the growth of telehealth services necessitates the specific qualities of a UCaaS system.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth means using technology and electronic information to connect and meet with a doctor. One popular form is texting a therapist when you have a specific mental health concern or need convenient scheduling.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, telehealth became popular for all types of appointments when doctors and patients didn’t want to risk exposure. Especially during a public health crisis, patients deserve convenient access and excellent care. Not all local offices were prepared for this transition, but patients will be expecting this level of service going forward.

While every medical office will always offer in-person appointments in the future, telehealth will only continue to grow, as well.

Video Conferencing

The most convenient of offerings for patients and doctors, video conferencing saves time and keeps people healthy – not just during a pandemic, but in the “new normal” going forward.

More time slots become available, doctors are able to see more patients due to flexible scheduling, and healthy patients don’t need to sit in waiting rooms with other sick patients. While nothing can replace seeing symptoms in person or body language, video conferencing will be here to stay.

Fortunately, Viirtue now offers a video conferencing service to rival some of the top competitors on the market – and as a white label service, you get to keep it in your name. 

Keeping Teams Connected

UCaaS keeps remote sales teams connected, and the same applies to medical offices across the country. With minimal staffing in offices, doctors and administrative staff keep the schedule up and running with cloud-based calendars. With the app, they can receive calls, make calls, and text clients all from the office number – never giving away their personal phone number.

Some doctors still make house calls, and these apps allow doctors and staff to stay in touch from anywhere. 


All businesses can benefit from auto messaging by reminding subscribers of sales and events, but telehealth organizations find this service especially useful. Offices can send automated appointment reminders through text messages to their clients instead of spending hours on the phone each week. These texts can also include links to check in for the appointment early and answer any survey questions necessary. 


When office members work from a combination of mobile phones, laptops, and in-office computers, interoperability is critical. This means the apps work on any operating system or device, and users can open documents across platforms without compatibility issues.

HIPAA Compliant

While most medical offices stay away from email due to security concerns, they don’t need to worry about that on a HIPAA compliant server. Compliance is a requirement for any telehealth organization when they may not have access to fax, and clients will need to access their information easily. If the office still prefers to work over fax, the UCaaS platform has a fax-to-email option so teammates can take photos of a document and securely fax to the office from anywhere. 

All of these benefits are true of Viirtue’s white label UCaaS platform – so you can start selling to and serving medical offices today. 

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