Keeping Unified Communications Secure

8/23/21 5:30 AM / by Viirtue

With more and more companies leaving offices behind and working virtually, UCaaS and cybersecurity have become more important than ever. Some business owners still have concerns about utilizing cloud storage due to security purposes, but you can assure them everything is safe through Viirtue’s platform. 

Educating Clients on UCaaS Security

While the “cloud” sounds too transparent to be safe, many times, they’ll receive better security “in the cloud” than in their office on the ground.

The cloud IS secure!

How can you assure your clients their data won’t be stolen through a shared server environment?

Some will never be convinced, but you can tell the rest about Viirtue’s secure data centers.

By having redundant data centers, your client’s information will still be accessible during a power outage or storm. If they stored everything on a server at their office, they risk losing everything to a flood or losing access during an extended power outage.

Our physical data centers also have 24/7 monitoring, temperature regulation, and other security features for better management than an in-house server.

Many breaches actually occur on the customer end, so as a service provider, you should educate your clients of their responsibility for security.

Accurate User Permissions

Yes, two-step authentication or required password expirations seem inconvenient to the user, but they represent the minimum level of security and business should take.

From the user management side, without accurate user permissions, former employees (or employees who have access to data they don’t need) can get back into their old emails and steal clients or sensitive information.

Even if a former employee doesn’t access their old account, hackers could get in with an old password from a breach elsewhere.

TLS & SRTP for secure VoIP calls

If your client needs the technical information to be confident in security, the following discussion would be around secure VoIP calls. Because they now place phone calls over the internet, it creates greater convenience on the business side but appears less secure.

Transport Layer Security secures data shared over the internet. In the VoIP environment, it protects the data as it starts and ends the phone call. SRTP secures the audio and any data transferred during the call.

Secure Real-time Transfer Protocols encrypt the audio files being transferred and meet regulatory standards for private phone calls.

Regulatory Compliance

HIPAA compliance is the top regulatory concern for many medical offices, but Viirtue is always HIPAA compliant! That means you can sign on new healthcare clients and assure them our network protects their patient data.

However, Health IT Security reported that 58% of healthcare security threats came from employees mishandling data, so training and education is the best way to prevent breaches.


When you first sign on a new client, you may want to offer a few educational classes on the best way to use the platform and keep it secure.

As firewalls and servers become more sophisticated, hackers become more personalized.

When teaching on email security, remind the users to be wary of social engineering. Always check the sender’s email addresses if they ask for sensitive information like account and routing numbers. The email address will often be only one letter off, but payroll has already sent a check to the wrong person. Teach them to have systems in place to avoid these scenarios (submit a written request when updating direct deposit details).

Another big problem companies face is the lack of security management across so many different cloud services. So they may delete a user’s email address on GSuite, but they accidentally leave their Slack up and running…

Which gives you the opportunity to introduce another benefit of UCaaS – everything in one place.

Viirtue has everything you need for secure white label communications. Utilize the trust you’ve built with clients as an excellent service provider and assure them their data will be the safest it has ever been with communications on the Viirtue platform.

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