Key Take-Aways from Channel Partners 2023

Key Take-Aways from Channel Partners 2023

6/12/23 9:45 AM / by Daniel Rosenrauch

The Channel Partners Expo 2023 was an event for the history books, boasting its biggest show yet, bursting at the seams with innovation, industry insights, and key players in the tech sphere. The floor was teeming with excitement and a palpable buzz reverberated through the venue. From Viirtue's generous cruise giveaway to Nextiva's standout booth and the star-studded Tech4change golf outing, the expo was a testament to the synergy of technology and community.


Viirtue Chief Revenue Officer holding the Viirtue flag at the long drive at Channel Partners Expo 2023’s Annual Golf Outing by Tech4Change.


Tech4Change: A Hole-in-One for Charity

The expo wasn't just about tech and business; the industry's commitment to giving back was beautifully illustrated by the Tech4change golf outing. It was an exciting event filled with industry leaders, bringing together the 'who's who' of the tech world for a fantastic cause. The golf outing served as a reminder that while technology can drive change, so too can the people behind it. The spirit of philanthropy and community was strong and was a heartfelt reminder of the ways our industry can make a difference beyond the realm of technology.

Viirtue: Upping the Ante with a Cruise Giveaway

Viirtue, always known for its engagement, certainly turned heads at the Channel Partners Expo this year with a massive cruise giveaway. True to Viirtue's form, it wasn't just about providing cutting-edge VoIP solutions, but also rewarding their partners with opportunities for both professional growth and enjoyment. The cruise giveaway not only brought excitement and added an element of surprise to the event but also underlined Viirture's commitment to building a community and reinforcing strong partnerships.

Nextiva: High-Tech Innovation

Nextiva's booth was a highlight of the expo with its creative engagement strategy. An oxygen bar and simulators proved that Nextiva was not just about providing seamless cloud communication solutions. Instead, they also stressed the importance of rejuvenation and hands-on technology exploration, showcasing their commitment to innovation and user experience. Nextiva's futuristic booth was a symbol of the exciting direction that the company is heading towards, and we can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves next.

Squibit: A Game Changer in Educational Meetings

Amongst the many impressive technology launches at the Channel Partners Expo 2023, Squibit stood out as a real game changer. This innovative solution is designed specifically for meetings in educational settings, providing a fresh take on collaborative learning. The versatility of Squibit makes it a boon for educators and students alike, fostering efficient communication, improved engagement, and better learning outcomes. Our team was genuinely impressed with Squibit, further emphasizing the diverse range of technological innovation on display at the expo.

In conclusion, the Channel Partners Expo 2023 was a whirlwind of innovation, collaboration, and philanthropy. The extraordinary cruise giveaway by Viirtue, Nextiva's innovative booth, the charitable Tech4change golf outing, and the launch of the promising Squibit solution served as reminders that we are not just a tech industry but a community of passionate individuals committed to driving change, promoting innovation, and fostering relationships. It's safe to say that the bar has been raised, and we eagerly look forward to the exciting future this industry has to offer.

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