Managing Time Better with Communication Tools

9/2/20 8:00 AM / by Viirtue

Selling communication tools as an add-on or residual income stream for your IT business may seem daunting at first. But all your clients can benefit from better communication, and you just need to learn the best way to explain those benefits.

Unified communication tools increase productivity for any team, especially when they’re working remotely or on flexible schedules. 

Don’t Tie the Team to a Workstation

Many companies require all employees to work on company-issued laptops, workstations, or over VPN. While this certainly has security benefits, cloud-based, secure communication tools allow users to hop online quickly from any browser to get them working without waiting for slow connections or dealing with outages at the on-site location.

With a communications app, employees can receive calls, texts, and chats to their phone without sitting at their desk or computer.

Some employees may initially think these kinds of changes make them too accessible. In reality, additional tools provide the flexibility to get work done whenever and wherever they need to.

Minimize Downtime On-Site

Nothing can stop a power outage from a natural disaster. But with geo-redundant backups for cloud-based communications, remote workers still have access to company documents and phones when there’s an outage at the worksite.

With VPN or remote desktop, the team relies on their workstation computer being turned on in order to access their files and tools. 

Viirtue’s network has never experienced an outage. As a White Label partner, you can claim that reputation as your own to your clients. Resellers share why Viirtue makes an excellent option for any size business, while Viirtue’s team handles all the work of installing and running the process.

Of course, when the employee experiences a power or internet outage, they won’t be able to log in from home. But with generators or cell phone hot spots, the Viirtue network will be waiting for them when they’re able to get back online.

Integration with CRM

Your clients’ systems work best when paired with a great communications tool. Customer service reps or account managers no longer need to wait for the file to open while on the phone with a customer. All the related data will show up on their dashboard in one place based on the caller’s phone number. Additionally, any new call data will be added to the CRM without going through multiple programs.

VoIP vs. UCaaS

The client will ultimately decide which tools they need. With VoIP, the employees typically have an app for sending and receiving phone calls and texts. They’ll still receive phone calls as if they’re at their desks, and they won’t need to give out a personal cell phone number. They also only need to list one phone number on their business card.

This service might be enough for a small business’s remote work needs, but UCaaS is a great choice for larger enterprises with call centers and collaborative documents. UCaaS includes video conferencing, chat, and real-time editing of spreadsheets or documents backed by Microsoft Teams. Collaborating on Office365 files ensures the team is always looking at the most up-to-date document and can hop on video calls with coworkers for clarification of tasks.

Secure, Reliable, and Built for You

As a reseller or white label Viirtue partner, you can assure your clients this service is secure to meet their needs. The reliable network will keep them running despite outages in the region, and they can customize their pricing package with exactly the components they need. If they decide to add on a feature later, they can, but the client doesn’t need to start with tools they’re not using.

Sell the power of productivity to your clients, and they’ll be more open to new tools in phone service and overall communication.

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