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Ensuring Secure Communications for Your Clients

1/11/21 5:55 PM / by Viirtue

As you start reselling VoIP and UCaaS services to your clients, you’ll start getting questions about the security of cloud networks. Many people don’t realize that cloud-based servers are often safer than their on-site servers, and you can tell them a few other details to calm their concerns.

Secure Data Center

On Viirtue’s platform, you can assure your clients that their communications are secure and geographically redundant. Not only does our platform require multiple levels of authentication, but the data is physically protected from outages and disasters. Our platform has independent certifications, so your clients can be confident you offer a safe and reliable choice for their VoIP and UCaaS needs.

As a white label reseller, you get to offer the same security as Viirtue under your own name: giving you the reputation of a national brand with the customer service of a local IT provider.

Track Usage

This is the easiest place to start with your clients. Just like when a credit card gets stolen, and the charges start piling up, hackers flood a system with excess calls that you’ll only notice if you look at your bill.

Obviously, this shouldn’t happen because of the secure data center, but some clients like to have a few ways to track their account security. With ViiBE (Viirtue’s Billing Engine), understanding the phone bill is simple. Your clients will quickly see where their minutes go, so they never need to worry about security.

Guide Client Towards the Best Package 

One way to avoid security concerns is to make sure they have the exact package for their needs. If they don’t need international calling, they could eliminate that capability all together – employees won’t be tempted to use office resources for personal calls, and hackers won’t slip through the cracks on untracked phone numbers. 

If the client needs these services for some users but not others, they should set up appropriate account management. 

Account Administration

The majority of security failures happen because of default passwords and improper user credentials. A hacker could easily infiltrate a network simply because users never changed the passwords. After a company terminates an employee, they need to revoke privileges immediately to prevent theft of data and documents.

While most clients are wary of using cloud systems because they don’t understand where the data lives, the true danger is their own employee account security. With two-factor authentication and appropriate user rights, they can make their network instantly safer while utilizing the many benefits of cloud communications.

Industry Regulation

If your client is in the health industry, they’ll be looking for assurances that your platform is HIPAA-compliant to protect their patient information. That means the data will be encrypted not only within the data center, but while in transit between devices (the main reason medical offices still prefer fax over scanners and emails). Through Viirtue, you can offer all the tracking and audit trails required for HIPAA compliance.

As a white label reseller through Viirtue, you don’t have to hesitate when your prospective clients question the security of cloud communications. You can offer them the peace of mind they need from a comprehensive, secure platform along with the personalized attention they expect from you as their IT provider.

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