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Selling White Label Communications (even during a pandemic)

7/1/20 6:15 AM / by Viirtue

While the coronavirus seems behind us in some areas, uncertainty about childcare and school openings has some companies prolonging their work-from-home options. As an IT company, you’ve never had a better opportunity to sell unified communications and VoIP as you do now.

By offering a white label communications platform, your clients receive the streamlined and professional platform they need to face the future of a digital workplace. Many small businesses have been patching together various chat and video services, but you can step in to give them everything they need in one place 

Sell What Your Customer Needs

As businesses reopen, they’ll start seeing revenues increase and will be more open to conversations about additional services – especially something they need. With talk of a “second wave” or schools only opening for half days in the fall, businesses will need to prepare for an extended work-from-home period, and you can give them what they need by offering a seamless UCaaS product.

Sell the Proven Benefits of the Platform

Since you’re selling a white label service, you can rely on the proven results of the platform to sell itself. You’re not concerned with launching and testing if it works on your own: we’ve done all that work for you. Simply sell our no-outage record and industry-leading app as your own to quickly close the deal.

Become the Go-To IT Company

When you offer a white label communications service, you become an IT resource for all aspects of the client’s business. They no longer call different people for different services: you’ve made their life easier by being a one-stop-shop for technology needs.

On your end, you didn’t need to expand your team or hire new experts to offer a better service – you just partnered with a professional platform and put your own branding on it.

Develop Your Branding

With a communications platform and app now carrying your branding, you’ll want to start promoting your brand on social media, as well. Even if you only post once per week, you’ll have an active platform for your clients to leave testimonials and share with others. If your business primarily relies on referrals, your website and social media presence add to your credibility. 

Demonstrate Expertise

When you start on social media, no matter what network you choose, don’t just post about your services and projects. Use your posts to educate your clients just enough that they want to hire you. IT services are difficult to DIY anyway, but they’ll want to see that you help similar businesses and know what you’re talking about.

To sell your white label communications service, you can walk them through your app and show how streamlined their business can be. Explain the ins and outs of implementation, so they know what to expect when they hire you and have a smooth transition.

Offer Great Customer Service

Since you’re able to offer more products without expanding your team, your clients will still receive the personalized customer service of a small IT company with the benefits of a larger company. As a white label partner, all customers go through you. They don’t need to reach out to another sales rep or help desk chat to get an answer.  

Ready to sign up as a Viirtue White Label partner? We’ve never had an outage, and our excellent customer service team keeps businesses up and running whether they’re working from home, in the office, or out on a sales call. Pass along this excellent service to your own clients under your own business name to scale your business. 

If a white label program sounds like too much commitment for your IT company, Viirtue also has reseller commissions available.

Help your clients achieve efficiency and work better in the digital age by partnering with Viirtue for VoIP and unified communications systems.

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