4a-UCaaS Functionality and Teams Collaboration Tools

UCaaS Functionality and Teams Collaboration Tools

10/9/23 9:00 AM / by Viirtue

Introduction: In an exciting development for VoIP resellers and end users, Viirtue and Teammate Technology have joined forces to offer an innovative solution that leverages the power of Microsoft Teams. In a recent podcast, Doug Green, the publisher of Telecom Reseller, interviewed Dan Rosenrauch of Virtue and Eric Hernaez of Teammate to discuss their new partnership and the unique opportunities it presents for VoIP resellers and their customers.


A Brief Overview: Viirtue is a wholesale white-label unified communications as a service (UCaaS) provider. Their standout feature is their platform called ViiBE, a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the complex needs of the UCaaS industry. Dan Rosenrauch explained that their partnership with Teammate is part of their ongoing efforts to expand their ecosystem, allowing partners to explore upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Teammate Technology:

Unleashing Microsoft Teams: Teammate Technology specializes in providing software solutions that allow service providers to integrate Microsoft Teams as a softphone with their own call control. Eric Hernaez highlighted that Teammate's goal is to enable channel partners to harness the full potential of Microsoft Teams while retaining the functionalities of their existing UCaaS systems.

The Partnership:

A Perfect Match: Dan Rosenrauch and Eric Hernaez emphasized that their partnership addresses a common challenge in the industry. Microsoft's promotion of Teams as a complete phone system solution has left many businesses and customers uncertain about its capabilities. The partnership between Viirtue and Teammate bridges this gap by offering a powerful combination of Microsoft Teams' user-friendly interface and Viirtue's robust UCaaS features.

Benefits for VoIP Resellers:

The partnership between Viirtue and Teammate opens up new doors for VoIP resellers, allowing them to compete effectively against major brands promoting Microsoft Teams as a phone system replacement. Resellers can now provide a comprehensive solution that combines the best of Teams and UCaaS, addressing the unique needs of their customers.

Ease of Use and Integration:

Eric Hernaez emphasized the ease of use offered by Teammate's solution. Their portal simplifies the process of integrating Microsoft Teams with UCaaS systems, eliminating the need for technical expertise. This user-friendly approach extends to both resellers and end customers, making it easy to manage, support, and utilize the integrated service.

The Core Opportunity:

For MSPs and end users, the core opportunity lies in the ability to embrace Microsoft Teams without sacrificing the advanced features and reliability of UCaaS systems. Viirtue and Teammate provide a streamlined experience from quoting to invoicing, making it easier than ever to offer Teams as a part of their communication solutions.

Conclusion: The partnership between Viirtue and Teammate Technology presents an exciting opportunity for VoIP resellers and their customers. By seamlessly integrating Microsoft Teams with Viirtue's UCaaS capabilities, businesses can enjoy the best of both worlds. This collaboration simplifies the complex world of unified communications and empowers MSPs to provide comprehensive solutions that meet the demands of modern communication.

To learn more about this partnership and explore its potential benefits, visit Viirtue's website and request a demo today. Listen to the podcast here

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