Viirtue and Unified Communications as the SSoT

3/14/22 6:00 AM / by Viirtue

Over the past two years, companies have needed to streamline communications and make documents easily available offsite from any device. Because of that need, many businesses purchased subscriptions to a variety of platforms to patch together their new process.

As businesses build new systems that truly work efficiently, they’re looking for one platform to become a Single Source of Truth for every team.

What is SSoT? 

The Single Source of Truth is an integral part of information systems design. With an SSoT, all team members across many departments update their data in one place. Unified Communications tools help businesses meet that goal because communication happens in the same place, so everyone uses one platform for almost all their work. We know it sounds impossible, but it’s actually true. 

Viirtue’s Many Integrations from Quickbooks to Hubspot

The key to a single source of truth lies in the many integrations to a platform. Fortunately, Viirtue syncs up with almost all of the top tools to easily become that platform for any company. 

Why Your Clients Need a Single Source of Truth

As you continue to offer excellent service and IT advice to your clients, you’ll want to bring up this concept to them. For example, they may be paying several different subscription services for various platforms when they could bundle everything into one UCaaS platform instead. 

Nothing is Missed

When a company requires several applications for chat, email, invoicing, and more, team members easily miss relevant data to manage their day-to-day workload. Show your clients how handling all communications in one tool will simplify their workload.

Better Customer Service

When businesses sync their customer data with their communications platform, they have a new ability to serve clients better. Not only will customer service representatives see what products the caller has purchased, but they can also leave notes about the interaction for the salesperson or account manager to follow up with later. 

Then, if the representative needs to transfer the call, the next person doesn’t ask for the customer’s details all over again.

Centralized & Efficient

The centralization of data makes Unified Communication platforms stand out from other options. Your team only needs one app to make calls, text clients, chat with coworkers, search for documents, and more. 

Maybe they’ll still need individual tools like QuickBooks or Hubspot to run their bookkeeping and marketing, but that information will be available for anyone who needs it across the company within their communications platform.

Sales and Customer Service teams won’t need to pull up another app or request the relevant information from accounting when they need to know the last invoice to their own client. With a single source of truth, everything is available in a central location.

For you as an MSP, that app has your logo and branding – making you look professional and competitive on a bigger stage while allowing you to offer the personalized customer service your clients expect from their local provider.

Switch your clients to UCaaS

With Viirtue’s robust and reliable platform, your clients will be able to streamline and grow their business in the new year. Our white-label tool makes it easy for local MSPs to grow their own businesses at the same time while still providing that personalized experience your clients love you for. At Viirtue, we’re here to support you as you grow with tools like ViiBE that make billing easy, as well as an excellent product your clients will be happy to use.

Contact our customer service team to learn more about white labeling our platform as an SSoT for your clients.

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