Viirtue Announces New White Label Mobile Payment Experience

Viirtue Announces New White Label Mobile Payment Experience

5/2/22 4:21 PM / by Viirtue

Tampa, FL - Viirtue announces new lightning fast, mobile responsive payment portal for resellers.  Looks to deliver faster payment experience than Bolt, Amazon, and other fintech platforms.

Viirtue announced at the recent Channel Partners Conference & Expo the launch of their new white label payment portal.  Coupled with the ability to quote and manage subscriptions on the back end, the new payment experience will simplify customer payments.  Cloud Application Resellers will have more control than ever by enabling their clients' commerce journey from any device.

“When we first began scoping out this new module within ViiBE, we wanted the experience to emulate the leaders of other marketplaces that make buying simple”, says Viirtue CEO Daniel Rosenrauch, “We looked to the standard of the experiences that make Amazon so popular.  Businesses like to transact with businesses that make purchasing simple.  I think we knocked that out of the park.”

Viirtue’s upcoming delivery of its Customer Experience portal will be a beautifully designed mobile first inclusive experience. Conforming to the WCAG 2.1 AA standard, it will support the use of assistive technologies. They’ve also built the experience to accommodate multiple languages and will be including Spanish to start.

“As we grow we want to make sure no one is left behind, inclusivity will not be an afterthought.” says Wojciech Wieronski, Chief Technology Officer at Viirtue, “Empathy, people, product…for everyone.”

“Viirtue has always had a commitment to deliver intuitive best-in-class experiences for our partners.” Continues Wieronski, “But our view for “best-in-class” is changing. We’ve looked at our “class” and determined, it’s time to graduate.”

About Viirtue

Viirtue enables technology service providers to buy and sell cloud services from their award winning platform, ViiBE.  Viirtue continues to set the bar with their best of breed UCaaS reseller platform.  Viirtue’s free to use, proprietary reseller software ViiBE, digitizes partner workflows and end user quote to cash experiences with a modernized, intuitive UI.  Check out the white label voip platform the industry is raving about.



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