VoIP + CRM = Better Customer Service

11/1/19 11:12 AM / by Viirtue

From the sales team to the support team, a centralized CRM tool helps provide a better customer experience for each person who calls your business. Integrating your CRM database with your VoIP system lets you see all customer details right when they call, so you don’t have to spend time searching while speaking on the phone.

This integration contributes so much more than caller ID, and your entire business will benefit.

Centralized Customer Data

Depending on your CRM (and if the team takes good notes), when a customer calls, your call center will see the sales and call history associated with their phone number.

As a support team, this information tells you if the person has called multiple times about different (or the same) issues. Your sales team will see the customer’s purchase history and any products they’ve considered on your website to steer the customer toward the next sale.

Many support calls and chats require the customer to explain the problem to every new agent they are transferred to. This not only frustrates the customer but wastes time on the phone when agents could be serving the next person. By keeping thorough notes in your CRM, even if the customer calls back the next day or next month, they’ll be pleasantly surprised you recognize their name and their problem.

Better Call Center Data

Call center managers rely on data beyond the time it takes to answer a question and resolve an issue. They also consider the tone of the agents, and whether the customer was satisfied with the solution. Some services allow you to attach a call recording or transcription to the customer profile, which helps managers sort out conflict on problematic calls.

Attaching a call recording or transcription also gives the next agent a heads up on what to expect in the conversation if a customer calls back.

Marketing Insights

When a marketing team implements a campaign or sales funnel, combining CRM and phone call data gives a full picture of the customer experience. With proper documentation, marketers can review when in the funnel a lead called the sales teams, and with call recording or good notes, they can better advise the team on how to close the next deal.

Bringing the marketing and sales team together offers incredible value for campaigns going forward, as well. Each piece of addition data gives the teams a better understanding of their customer – hearing objections and considerations in a customer’s own words.

CRM Considerations

While the potential for data within your CRM feels endless – the data you get out is only as good as the data you put in. The sales and support teams need to be trained and continually reminded to add all the necessary information to the customer profile.

If you have a very busy call center, you might need to check out the transaction volume for your CRM service. Because each call will be searching the database for customer details, you won’t want the service to slow down when you need it.

Viirtue Integrates with Your CRM

Whether you use Salesforce or another CRM software, Viirtue integrates with many platforms to make your VoIP experience seamless. And if you think you or your clients need start utilizing their CRM to its full potential, talk to us about how this integration can save time and help more clients every day.