The Best Cloud Marketplaces for MSPs in 2023

The Best Cloud Marketplaces for MSPs in 2023

2/3/23 5:45 AM / by Viirtue

Cloud Marketplaces have gone from being exclusive to the likes of AWS to more distributed version, with vendor neutral options so MSPs can be less prescriptive with their solutions.  These marketplaces are getting better at helping resellers deliver managed services.

What is a cloud marketplace?
A cloud marketplace is a platform that allows users to discover, purchase, and deploy cloud-based products and services. It is similar to an online store, where users can browse through a variety of offerings, and purchase the products they need. The products and services in a cloud marketplace are typically delivered via the internet, and users can access them on a pay-as-you-go basis. This means that users only pay for the resources they consume, rather than having to purchase and maintain expensive hardware and software.


Who are the best cloud marketplaces MSPs can partner with?


Viirtue’s communications focused cloud marketplace is a unique value proposition.  It enables service providers to not only resell popular communications products as a service like Teams, Netsapiens, Zoom, and Documo at wholesale, but it also includes a free white label CRM  platform that digitizes the MSPs end customer experience from quote to e-checkout, regardless of device.  “The recently announced Zoom licensing integration is just a preview of what’s to come on the horizon” says our product team.  



Of course we have to acknowledge arguably the largest cloud marketplace.  With an IT focused marketplace, pax8 is a nice choice for those who want to layer in their SaaS distributor with other tools for business processes.  



Amazon web services is still a great choice for msps that look to get their hands dirty and can utilize their cost efficient APIs.  The biggest downside we hear is that they offer minimal msp enablement tools (if any) and require development skills to use so it can be hard to scale.  Great option for cheap storage.



We couldn’t leave off the global revenue leader could we?  Azure is technically the largest cloud marketplace in the world.  The only real downside to selling azure is it limits you to just that.  


The biggest takeaway is, as an msp, why not try multiple?  The more distributors in your arsenal, the more revenue you will be able to generate.  More importantly it will help you solve more problems.  

The best part about the marketplaces listed, most offer free trials so you can get your feet wet.  It’s an exciting time to be an MSP as more try to make the buying experience simpler for your customers, and are constantly being iterated on.


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