The Best Features in Netsapiens v43

7/25/22 10:24 AM / by Viirtue

Netsapiens v43 is packed with new features.  We highlight what we thought were the best of the bunch for the new release, scheduled to be launched to Viirtue partners later this year.

1.  Progressive Web App - Ever have the requirement that the softphone require a shortcut in your docker?  Now you can meet this requirement and position scalability and cpu utilization efficiency as value adds vs many of the other apps out there.

2. Domain wide call recording - this is easily the most convenient feature.  Instead of enabling call recording one by one, you can turn it on for all users with just a few clicks.

3. Customizable MOH – Comfort Message - Now you will be able to stitch custom audio into music on hold to play at customizable time intervals.

4. Night button in button builder - Now you can replicate a popular legacy pbx feature that made platforms like Avaya IP Office, Toshiba, & Nortel so popular - right from the button builder.  

5. Voicemail reminder - now you can configure sms, email, and phone alerts when you have an unread voicemail.  This gives the users granular customization to how much they want to be notified and how.

6. Prioritize a caller waiting in queue - now your call center administrators and agents can prioritize a caller they see waiting in queue via our digital dashboards.  VIP caller?  Give them priority via the web interface.

7. Custom agent statuses - now agents can set custom statuses outside of the provided ones to serve team members with better visibility into availability as well as better reporting.


The Viirtue team is excited to get these features into the hands of Viirtue partners and end-users.  If you think these features will add value to your business, get in touch with the Viirtue team to find an authorized partner or become one.







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