What is a VoIP Reseller Program?

5/10/22 5:09 PM / by Viirtue

White Label VoIP, UCaaS, & CCaaS reseller softwares help managed service providers, telcos, ISPs, and other technology service providers go to market with a solution they can deliver to their end users.


The best VoIP Reseller Programs offer these key tools to their partners:


1.  Wholesale VoIP, Contact Center, SMS/MMS, APIs, DIDs, Toll Free, Digital Fax, and Video Collaboration subscriptions.  These services can be self managed and self provisioned by resellers.

The best VoIP reseller platforms of course offer the ability to deliver a quality VoIP product to your customers.  It makes life that much easier when your provider carries the full suite of services needed to satisfy the communications requirements of your average business.


2. Self-Service Portal

Not only do you need to manage your customers, but often today, VoIP reseller programs provide the ability for your customers to manage themselves.  Whether its resetting a new employees configuration or paying their invoice from their smartphone, businesses expect to be able to transact digitally.  VoIP reseller programs generally provide all the tools needed to accomplish this.


3. Tax Automation Tools

It’s no secret that the VoIP industry has a pretty complex tax ingredient.  Don’t take our word for it, just check out your last cell phone invoice and the laundry list of taxes charged to you.  If you do not charge your customers properly for taxes, you will not only run into trouble with USAC and the FCC, but you will likely never be able to sell your business when you decide to retire.   The best white label voip offerings automate as much of this process as possible to reduce the burden on you.  Viirtue’s ViiBE software is the only VoIP reseller software that includes tax automation and is completely free to use for resellers.  Other providers loosely integrate with expensive third party billing solutions that produce clunky, incomplete workflows.

4. Brand able marketing content

If a voip wholesaler is only selling you voip, they are only doing part of the job.  What separates the key players in the wholesale voip industry is the tools they provide their partners to win business.  The best have built in quoting tools and tons of up to date marketing collateral that you can brand without having to learn photoshop.  

5. LMS platform with self service courses and certification

This is an absolute must have.  Some service providers schedule ad-hoc training sessions.  That’s not scalable or feasible for most service providers.  The ability to access content that is convenient to your busy schedule and certify not only yourself but other team members as you grow is paramount to building a successful service provider business.  Your best added value is your expertise. If your wholesaler doesn’t enable you to become an expert you’re fighting an uphill battle.


6. Own your customer vs agent programs


There are two ways channel partners sell communication software in today’s market.  Many voip vendors offer agent programs where you simply refer the business to receive a monthly residual or onetime SPIFF commission.  If a completely “hands-off” model works best for you that’s great, but often times owning your customer with a white label model can provide 70% or higher margins.  That is 3-5 times higher incentive than the industry standard agent program.  Additionally, if you ever want to sell your service provider business you will not see anywhere close to the valuation as if you owned your customer.  So while agent programs might be the best option for some, if you can handle the basic technical requirements and let automation do the heavy lifting, this is a “no-brainer”



Does a voip reseller software sound like the right model for you?  If so, check out our free to use ViiBE software that enables service providers to go to market with world class technology services and minimal barrier to entry.  Click here to learn more.



















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