What's The Hype? 6 Reasons Cloud VoIP Resellers Switch To Viirtue

2/22/22 8:17 PM / by Viirtue

The Viirtue team has been hard at work building a platform that disrupts the industry so much that even the most nuanced automation needs could be met.   After 3 years and tens of thousands of hours of development work, the platform has caught up with the vision and the industry is starting to take notice.  When we asked new partners why they made the switch to Viirtue, here are the top 6 reasons they gave us.


1. Energy

Many partners have come from other platforms that have been acquired, changed ownership, or lack any sort of innovation.  Companies change management, it's part of the business, but often times with that change and growth into a larger entity - these businesses lose sight of what made them who they are in the first place.  Their only purpose now is to satisfy a massive revenue growth plan, not to satisfy the needs of a small to medium sized cloud service provider.   The creative energy at Viirtue is unparalleled and has  often times been described as "contagious".  We are a platform built by service providers for service providers, and as "cheesy" as that over used saying is, we've been told that that our competitors truly don't have the experience in understanding the needs from the front lines like we do.  If considering the solution, we implore you to talk to an existing partner so you can hear the difference in relationship straight from the source!

2. Technology

Whether its the best-in-class servers in our data centers, or the utilization of GKE and other geek friendly scalable architectures, our technology partners know that we are always up to date and keeping up with current trends and best practices.  Even our proprietary ViiBE platform - use it for 5 minutes compared to any other comparable system and you will surely be in awe regarding the load time alone.

3. Transparency

Issues happen.  It's the nature of being a cloud service provider.   Viirtue prides itself in learning from any hiccup, no matter the size and using our brain trust to come up with intelligent, calculated methods to ensure we prevent repeat occurrences.   We came from service providers that were either political when discussing issues or even worse, completely fabricating causes to hide their faulty architecture.  Some providers even keep their resellers completely in the dark during an incident.  Viirtue was the first of the major white label VoIP providers to use status page and even now we over communicate everything.  From simple maintenance to service impairments, we give frequent updates to keep you in the know and able to assist your customers with their questions.  Even further we welcome open conversation in our community slack directly with our technical leaders so we can provide updates quickly as well as listen to feedback from partners and even some times learn a thing or two ourselves!  Beyond technical, even with our philosophy and vision - we look to cultivate a community of knowledge sharing and true partnership so our service providers know exactly where they are heading.

4. Features & Options

Looking to sell a fully featured netsapiens platform with a ton of custom bolt ons?  We've got the product for you.  Looking for a HIPPA compliant fax to email solution that you can add value to and deliver digitally?  No problem!  Maybe looking to deploy Microsoft Teams or other cloud services?  Viirtue's ViiBE is the all in one platform that can enable your entire quote to cash workflow for countless wholesale B2B cloud services.

5. Margins

One can argue the most valuable asset to a growing business is the ability to set pre-defined margins that can help a business owner's scaling decisions become more binary.  With Viirtue's competitive wholesale platform, VoIP Resellers are realizing that when you compound the incredible margins to be made selling our cloud business applications  with the workflow automation and cost savings of our FREE ViiBE software, you have a recipe for success.

6. Sales & Technical Support 

Viirtue provides both personal and self service approaches that have set the standard for the space.  Customizable marketing content that doesn't require a designer?  No problem.  Demo's for sizable opportunities? We would love to.  24x7x365 live phone support?  That's who we are.  


In conclusion, we believe the "hype" is about a solution that has come from listening to our partners ideas and feedback, coupled with real world experiences of multiple founders of previous service providers is what has shaped our white label partner program into what it is today.  ViiBE was truly purpose built to meet the needs and requirements of your local service provider.   We also commit to keeping you cutting edge and relevant, in a continuously evolving industry.


If you feel the same energy, and want to give ViiBE a FREE test drive, be sure to fill out our request form here.


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